Contrary to previous assumptions, nerve cells in the human neocortex are wired differently than in mice. The study found that human neurons communicate in one direction, while in mice, signals tend to flow in loops. This increases the efficiency and capacity of the human brain to process information. These discoveries could further the development of artificial neural networks.
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The 2010 Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the largest accidental spill in history, released almost 100 million gallons of oil, causing significant pollution. A decade later, its long-term effects remain unclear. A study investigating the impact on endemic fish species found 29 of 78 species unreported in museum collections since the spill, suggesting potential loss of biodiversity.
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Twin studies have proven invaluable for teasing out the effects of both genetics and the environment on human biology. Researchers studied pairs of twins to look at how the interplay of genetics and environment affect cognitive processing -- the way that people think. They found that some cognitive abilities appear to be regulated more by environmental factors than by genetics.
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