Tallahassee, FL May 28, 2023 – This is my father’s gravestone located at the National Cemetery at Bushnell, Florida. He was buried with full military honors after 27 years’ military service that included tours in three wars.

For thousands of years  in nations around the world there was a ruling class and the ruled.  A few hundred years ago some of the ruled left for America to become less so.   Then the ruled cast off the rulers in America.  They became self-reliant and self-governing individuals.  Some others followed suit here and there around the world.   After The Great War and World War II, a great many more nations found citizens governing themselves. 

Although much of our elections-related attention is already trained on 2024, there are consequential elections happening this very calendar year.

The crew discusses the races to watch in 2023. They also look at how the Democratic Party's effort to rearrange its presidential primary calendar is going, and ask whether a survey of Republican National Committee members was a good or bad use of polling. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices