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  1. The TOR330—TOR DES GÉANTS (TDG) “Journey of the Giants” is an event requiring participants to complete a circuit around the mountains of northern Italy, about 330 km (205 miles) in total, and requires going around more than 25 mountains, often at over 2,500 metres (8,200 ft) above sea level. There is one 29,608-meter (18.4 mile) […]
  2. 'We expect the new Left to look the other way when it comes to leaving our own corporate power intact,' the 2024 candidate said of leftist corporations.
  3. The former PM asserted Australia's right to visit Taiwan.
  4. Chinese top virologist Shi Zhengli is known for her work on bat coronavirus research.
  5. While South Korea is economically tethered to China, the relationship shows signs of strain since President Yoon took office.