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  1. Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly’s visit to China comes at a time when there’s increased scrutiny of the Beijing regime’s meddling in Canada and harassment of the diaspora community, raising questions about the timing of the trip. An ongoing public commission is currently examining China’s interference in federal elections and other areas of society. And […]
  2. With Beijing’s foreign interference in Canada under intense scrutiny, China watchers are urging the foreign affairs minister to address the issue, along with human rights concerns, during her surprise visit to China. Mélanie Joly’s visit to China on July 18—at the invitation of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi—is the first by a Canadian foreign minister […]
  3. A Hong Kong Consumer Council report released on July 15 disclosed that more than 90 percent of 50 hair styling product models contain harmful substances, with some exceeding limits set by the European Union, mainland China, or Hong Kong regulations. The Council has urged manufacturers to enhance product safety measures, and advised consumers to exercise […]
  4. A bipartisan group of House Representatives urged the Biden administration to sanction 28 officials, identified as responsible for infringing on human rights and persecuting pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong. “We write to express our profound concern over the recent actions by Hong Kong authorities that have further eroded democracy, the rule of law, and human […]
  5. 'Bring my sister home,' said Australian citizen Liu Li.