First one bank announced it will only accept digital currency.

Now the Reserve Bank of Australia has announced it is heading into digital currency.

As the moth is to the flame, so are the follies of man.

Artificial intelligence and the next level of quantum computing will render passwords and encryption efforts obsolete.

The point of having a nation of laws is twofold: (a) you know how to prosper, and (b) you know how to stay out of jail.

The persecution of President Trump has revealed a new threat of charlatan prosecutors and agency administrators cobbling together disparate statutes which the media kindly calls “innovative”, “artful” or “novel” interpretations or constructions.

But these recombinations are actually new laws because they are the nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and contexts in criminal statutes, strung together in new combinations to create newly criminalized conduct after a citizen has engaged in some conduct.

Boy was it sad when we walked into Lowes Home Improvement  in mid-July and collided with Halloween, which isn’t until October 31st.   Three and one-half months early.   So much for Christmas in July.   Or Summer.  Or Fall.  Workers at Home Depot say they will be launching early-August.  Costco has theirs out at the same time.  Universal Studios is saturating the video-waves with horror night ghouls to come.