It is hard to believe it has been 20 years since America invaded Iraq to depose an evil dictator. On anniversaries like these, you can count on the pundits to recount all the failures of the U.S. military effort without ever acknowledging the immense good our servicemembers accomplished for the Iraqi people. Most of these “armchair generals” have never worn the uniform and have not set foot in the Middle East. For the media, denigrating the war effort, and indirectly the hundreds of thousands of Americans who served there, is great sport. As they did daily during the war the press will breathlessly report even the hint of U.S. failure while completely ignoring the major triumphs of allied forces that continue to reshape the lives of ordinary Iraqis.

Watching the debt ceiling negotiations is the same as watching a drug intervention.

Getting a liberal to stop spending is like trying to pry a bottle out of an alcoholic's hands. Or take a needle away from a drug addict.   They always want one more drink, one more  bottle, one more fix, one more day.   Then they'll stop. But not right now.   Not today.

The national debt dilemma is a function of liberal addiction to appropriated money they think is free.

First, like a drug addict or alcoholic, they deny they even have a problem, both to themselves and their family.  

It is your problem for having a problem with them.  You're ridiculous.   You're insulting.   Your silly.   It's your fault.   They deny that it affects anybody around them.  They deny it affects the family.  They deny that it is destroying the family.   Just leave them alone and everything will be fine.