A new study estimates 152,753 excess infant deaths were attributable to living in flood-prone areas in Bangladesh over the past 30 years. The findings begin to unspool the long term public health impacts of recurring environmental hazards such as flooding, wildfires, or extreme heat, many of which are becoming more common or more severe under climate change.
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While anger and aggression are instinctive behaviors found across many species, leaving these emotions unchecked can lead to conflict and violence. In a recent study, researchers demonstrated that neuronal-glial interactions in the cerebellum determine the degree of aggression exhibited by mice. This suggests that future therapeutic methods could adjust glial activity in the cerebellum to help reduce unwanted aggression.
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3D eye scans can reveal vital clues about kidney health that could help to track the progression of disease, research suggests. The advance could revolutionize monitoring of kidney disease, which often progresses without symptoms in the early stages. Experts say the technology has potential to support early diagnosis as current screening tests cannot detect the condition until half of the kidney function has been lost.
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Seeing robots made with soft, flexible parts in action appears to lower people's anxiety about working with them or even being replaced by them. A study found that watching videos of a soft robot working with a person at picking and placing tasks lowered the viewers' safety concerns and feelings of job insecurity. This was true even when the soft robot was shown working in close proximity to the person. This finding shows soft robots hold a potential psychological advantage over rigid robots made of metal or other hard materials.
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