Extreme fires leave forests struggling to recover in a warming world. Mark Kreider

In the U.S., wildland firefighters are able to stop about 98% of all wildfires before the fires have burned even 100 acres. That may seem comforting, but decades of quickly

Read more …Fighting every wildfire ensures the big fires are more extreme, and may harm forests’ ability to...

Climate change complicates plant choices and care. Early flowering and late freezes can kill flowers like these magnolia blossoms. Matt Kasson, CC BY-ND

With the arrival of spring in North America, many people are gravitating to the gardening and landscaping

Read more …Climate change is shifting the zones where plants grow – here’s what that could mean for your garden

Charging bays at the Electrify America indoor electric vehicle charging station in San Francisco. AP Photo/Eric Risberg

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released strict new emissions limits on March 20, 2024, for cars built from 2027 through 2032. The

Read more …EPA’s new auto emissions standard will speed the transition to cleaner cars, while also addressing...

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