Members of the Snake River Hotshot crew monitor a prescribed fire near Roberts, Idaho. Austin Catlin/BLM

A wet winter and spring followed by a hot, dry summer can be a dangerous combination in the Western U.S. The rain fuels bountiful vegetation growth,

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Aerial view of the Pinto Valley copper mine, located on private and U.S. national forest lands in Gila County, Ariz. Wild Horizon/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

When Congress opened U.S. public lands for mining in 1872, the nation was less than a

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The right way to photograph wildlife: from a distance, in the animal's natural habitat. Jim Peaco, Yellowstone National Park/Flickr

One of the biggest privileges of being a primatologist is spending time in remote locations with monkeys and apes, living near

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Too much fresh water from Greenland's ice sheet can slow the Atlantic Ocean's circulation. Paul Souders/Stone via Getty Images

Superstorms, abrupt climate shifts and New York City frozen in ice. That’s how the blockbuster Hollywood movie “The Day After

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