New studies support the idea that the brain uses a process similar to a machine-learning approach known as 'self-supervised learning.' This type of machine learning allows computational models to learn about visual scenes based solely on the similarities and differences between them, with no labels or other information.
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Researchers have found that languages around the world have words for 'this' and 'that'.  The 45-strong international team studied 29 languages from around the world including English, Spanish, Norwegian, Japanese, Mandarin, Tzeltal and Telugu. They wanted to see how more than 1,000 speakers use demonstratives -- words that show where something is in relation to a person talking such as 'this cat' or 'that dog'.
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While there are a number of studies demonstrating that dog therapy programs can improve a person's social and emotional wellbeing, many typically have a disproportionate number of female participants. Recent research evaluated if there are gender differences in wellbeing by setting up separate dog therapy sessions for those who identified as female, male and gender diverse participants.
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Researchers have discovered mechanisms by which specific cells are activated in alcohol withdrawal-induced headache. The research may benefit further studies of various substance use disorder mechanisms including withdrawal. It may be possible to develop a small-molecule drug therapy to inhibit interactions, resulting in fewer pain signals during alcohol withdrawal.
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