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The Anthony Robbins Foundation has had the privilege of presenting Gary King and his "Power of Truth" seminars to the participants of our international youth leadership programs for the past three years.  Gary King's presentations provide our teen participants an in-depth look into truth and the consequences of deception.  Mr. King's The 24 Hour Truth Challenge is always a highlight of our UPW Discovery Camp and Discovery Camp Summit programs .       
                                               -Patti Coffey Director Discovery Camp                                                  www.AnthonyRobbinsFoundation.com

16 February 2008, London UK


Testimonials from some of the children in the school



What I learnt from Gary's talk was:

How telling the truth helps you live longer

How telling the truth makes you feel better than when you lie

It is very important to pick up letter and throw it in a bin

It is bad to cheat in things as you may get in big trouble

It doesn't matter if you don't look good............Urvi



What I learnt from Gary's talk:

If your actions are true, it saves you trouble

If you speak the truth, people believe in you

If you know what�s true, you should not go wrong

If you think you are pretty, other people believe that too.


The truth can sometimes be hurtful and lies can also be hurtful.  Telling the truth is better than lying.  If you tell a bad lie you will get consequences.



I learnt that a lie could cause a problem.  If you go past a piece of rubbish and you don't pick it up, you become part of the problem.  If you carry on not picking up the rubbish, you become the problem.  When you pick up the rubbish every time you see a piece of rubbish, you become the solution.  If you tell the truth even for something bad you have done, the problem wont get worse. Each time you lie, afterwards it is a bit like a piece of you has been taken away.  When you look in the mirror, you should notice that there is more beauty than ugliness in your face.  Think about the beauty more than the ugliness.  This is what I learnt by listening to Gary......Ariane



What I learnt in assembly when Gary gave his speech was that if you tell a lie, then it will be a problem.  What I already know about truth is that it is very easy to tell a lie and very hard to tell the truth.


Also I learnt from your speech that it is not important what clothes you wear or what your hair looks like.  What is important is what your character is like (what you are like inside.)  When you look in the mirror, you should like yourself whatever you look like on the outside...........Shivaani  Raichura



What I learnt in your assembly when you talked to us was not to lie otherwise something in your body would go or you would become ill.  If you do something bad, for example: what your friends did in the outdoor cinema when they went through the exit. 

***How long were you in jail for?


When I look in the mirror I don't like my nose.  I think it is too long but everyone says it is normal. After what you said, I changed my mind, nobody teases me but I don't like it.??***


Thank you.......Krupa


What I learnt from Gary�s talk is not about the money you have and not the appearance, its about who you are.  It was a really interesting story.  It was a really interesting story.  It was about lies and truth and Gary told us that if you tell a lie, it�s a problem and if you tell the truth there is a solution..........Chandan


Truth means that you should always be honest to each other and not be untruthful.  If we lie, something bad will happen to our health and our health is very important.  We should also not get influenced by our friends (and not get carried away)  You should always speak the truth and not just when it is easy, when it is hard too.  When you are in the mirror and looking at yourself, you should not think ugly of yourself.  You should love your own beauty.,,,,,,,,Sonali Chotai



Your assembly taught me that you should always speak the truth not just when it is easy but when it is hard too.  I also learnt that as you lie, pieces of you go missing.  It is important not to get influenced by your friends because it could get you into trouble.  You should always be truthful to others.  When you look in the mirror you should love yourself � its not about looks � its about your personality.



What I learnt today is to always be honest with family and friends and everybody around you.  Truth - you will always need in life.


If you are not honest you will regret this further in your life.  If you lie you could end up in jail or even die.  This is what truth means to me.


Thank you........Vivek Kotak



I have learnt that we should not lie to anyone because it gets bigger and bigger every minute.  Lying to other people can hurt your feelings or anybody�s feelings.  As Gary said, you should always pick litter up wherever you are.  You are always pretty....Alisa


Truth means honesty.  What I learnt from Gary King is that if you don�t say the truth, you are part of the problem.  If you say the truth, then you are part of the solution.  If you always say the truth, then at one point of your life, you will become the solution.....Pranay M



What I learnt from Gary�s talk was that it doesn�t matter what�s on the outside of you, it matters what�s on the inside.  Truth is one of the laws of Hinduism.  When you look in the mirror, just say that you are beautiful.......Prinay Shah


Today, 16 February 2008, Gary King came to Sai School to tell us about truth.  He said that when he was very young and went to school, he went with his friends to an outdoor cinema, his two friends decided to go into a cinema through the exit and not pay. Gary knew that this was wrong but he did not have the nerve to say it was wrong.  Then a police officer came and took him to the prison.  Gary told us that every time you lie, a small part of you breaks away and your health gets worse.  Gary was a very good speaker.

 Arun Mansigoni

Age: 11 years old



What I learnt from Gary King is that you can always forgive someone in any circumstances.


This was really powerful to me as I have learnt that if you have been harmed or a bad deed has been committed, there is always space for forgiveness. .......Thrisal Suganthan



What I learnt from Gary King was that how POWERFUL truth and honesty is.  If you ***want to be honest and truthful, go to www.poweroftruth.com.  Gary King said that you must speak the truth and must be honest.......Nerrusan


Dear Gary,

I just wanted to say that I'm so glad you came to our school, because your talk really touched me, one of many people in my grade.

So many of my friends were even crying because we all felt like we were connecting with you and what you said was so true, you are such a wise man and I just wish I could stop the whole world and show everyone one of your speeches, I really think you have already made such a difference in this world and you just keep affecting and influencing everyone around you.

You have inspired me and so many others and I just wanted you to know that I really think you are such a rare, and special person in our world, and I hope you continue on for many years to come, to try and pass on your stories of wisdom and experience.

Best wishes for the future, I really hope you come back to All Saints one day!

Yours sincerely,
Ellyse, Australia


Dear Garry,

You may not remember me but I am one of the 4 girls who came back to thank you at All Saints. I really know where to begin. I  don't really have an interesting life story or any stories as amazing and touching as your own. I would really just like to thank you with all my heart for coming and talking to me and year 9 at All Saints. It really meant a lot to me. I guess you could say I went into that lecture room with a closed mind and truly left there with an open one. You really opened my eyes to life and everything that is in it, you to me are the most perfect person and most wonderful gift anyone could ever be given or asked for. I hope to be like you one day, changing to world little by little and having the determination to do so. Nothing has happened to me that is life changing nor have I had a near death experience but when you shared your life with me I felt that I had also experienced it. I know that I am certainly not the most perfect person in the world actually I am very far from it but you taught me that you. have to be beautiful or smart or popular to change the world and to be loved. You also taught me that to somebody I truly am beautiful and smart. When you spoke about getting up in the morning and looking at yourself in the mirror and not liking what you see, well that night after your talk I went home and had a good look at my self in the mirror and actually for once I didn't judge my self I loved what I looked at and in that moment my view on life changed, just like the little child who took the cookie off the plate. When people look at other people and judge I have learnt that they are actually defining themself. I know that everything happens little by little as you said but by just sitting in that lecture hall my whole life changed in a huge way. Words cannot express how I feel and what happened to me I'm not even sure if words could express it I would be able to. I know you probably get a million of these e-mails from people but you truly do touch people and that is a gift that I hope to have one day too. I really don't know what else to say but I would go to the end of the world just to hear you speak again. You really had a huge impact on my life and I want to share that with my family so I was wondering if you maybe had any recordings or videos of your speeches, I am willing to pay any amount of money for these recordings as I see it very important that my family and friends get to experience a glimpse of what I did. That is how much you have touched my heart and I really hope you will touch a million more hearts to come. Garry King you are an amazing man never so please never ever forget that.

Yours faithfully

Laura Usher
i would like to thankyou for the presentation you gave at our school on thursday this week. i am in year nine and you may have noticed me i was sitting near the middle of the leture theter and had a cast on my right arm.

i would like to thankyou again, since yesterday i have relised that lying can affect your life dramitcally and it is best to tell the truth, i am a fairly honest person, i cannot lie to those who are close to me, not my mother, not my father, not my best freinds, thatis why they can trust me. however i do sometimes have a problem lying to other people, not teachers but just your average person that i do not interact much with. sometimes i would lie just to avoid an argument or to maybe blow the person of becasue i was stressed. now i relise that telling the truth is the bestway in life even if you do not interact with the person often.

i also understand that you made a big impact of some of my very close friends. they were so overwelmed by your presentation that they were crying at lunch. you touched many peoples hearts that day and i would like to thank you once again.

your faithfully

Jess Roberts

 Hey gary

i would just like to thank you SOOOOO much for coming to our school, it was really a pleasure. Your speech was so inspirational and it really opened my eyes.

Since the start of grade 9 I have been finding it hard to take deep breaths, I'm pretty sure it is from stress. My whole chest just felt tight and I wasnt sure why. People would ask me, what are you so stressed about and I would answer life. Throughout your speech I found it easier to breath and when i walked out I could take deep breaths!!! I was sooo happy! I realised that I couldn't take deep breaths because I was lying to myself and not being myself. I'm not sure how long it will last but for now, you have helped me to breath and I thank you very much.

Although very happy, your speech also nearly brought me to tears. The story about the little boy nearly broke my heart and what you said is right, you think that stuff happens to other people, it doesnt happen to me. Thats how i felt when I found out that my dad had been in a serious motorbike accident, I thought no these things don't happen to me they happen on the news and in the paper, but I guess the people on the news and in the paper were thinking the same thing when it happend to them. Also when you said about loving what you see in the mirror, I have heard that many times but you made it sink in, I have tried to love what I see and sometimes I do but it is just so hard to when all you see around you is near-perfection.

Well thank you again, I will always remember your speech and I hope to see you again.

Yours truely

Elise Newell

I'd just like to thank-you personally for your speech today ( thursday ) as it reely shined a light on honesty and also i enjoyed it heaps.  Im taking the 24hr honesty test at the moment.
Even though already i have had circumstances where i could of lied to get out of strife in the last 5 hours ive told the blaitent truth.

Ive also thought about the ' chain reaction (influence) you taught and i hope my  honesty will spread to others... hopefully.

Well anyways thanks for today

Blake White
you visited our school today, the things you said were very inspiring and really moved me. im not a very honest person, i have so much hidden beneath a fake smile, i could really relate to you feeling of having the weight of the world on your shoulders. i just wanted to know, but did not say it out loud for i thought it may have sounded disrespectful. i dont mean any disrespect and its a hard question so you dont have to answer, but here goes anyway.

if you could go back in time to the day you accidentally ran over the little boy, would you take it back, knowing that you are giving a complete stranger a chance at life and having the guilt of manslaughter off your chest, or would you keep things as they are, knowing that your life have been turned upside down, you may have saved a little boy from a life of abuse and crime and that you have the power to influence thousands of children of the future into following the right path. Would you sacrifice one life, possibly already beyond helping, for thousands of faceless others?
thankyou for visiting my school, i took the things you said very much to heart, and im going to change the way i live from now on. maybe ill be as lucky as you were.

many thanks,

where do i start!
how r u?
thank you soooo much for your talk to my grade today..
i don't think everyone took it in as much as i did..
and as much as my mates for that matter..
but we really appreciated it
and words don't begin to explain
how high the regards are that i have for you...
you basically confirmed everything i have ever thought.
you've changed my life and my everyone && everything to do with it..
i took your 24 hour challenge and so far it hasn't been that hard..
which i'm hoping is a good thing..
but i'm not really here to tell you that...
i'm here to thankyou more than words can say and let you know of what a mess i was until your lecture today..
and i know i'm not going to change overnight but i am working towards it as hard as i can.
if you have anything you feel like sharing,
i find you extremely inspirational.. =]
i hope with all my heart that we keep in contact for a large period of my life..
my obbession with your wisdom is much like that i assume a christian has for god..
not to scare you or anything..
but no one has ever affected me that deep (in a good way)before..
i am going to be recommending your site (and you) to all my troubled friends...
and believe me - i have alot of them..
i hope that's ok?
it's fine if it's not..
you completely opened up my eyes today though..
it's like..
i've been asleep my whole life and to tell you the truth..
i didn't want to wake up until now..
i'm vowing here and now to try my hardest to change me life for the better.
thankyou so much.
i can't imagine how my life would have been if mr wallace and that man hadn't had come in contact about you and have you talk to my grade!
thankyou for you time,
i hope we keep in contact..
take care, tash

hi Gary its Ben Holmes from All Saints, i was just wanting to let you know how much of an enjoyable speech you showed the year 10 grade today, so amazing! it has pulled me back into line with no more of this lying which gets you absolutely no where in life, when you lie, your just waisting your time and saying something that isnt even true, so why bother! you have got me!thankyou again for your time and stories you spent with everyone today! i really enjoyed it and would love to hear another speech like that again! thankyou kind regards Ben Holmes


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